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"Today, I Feel Like I’m Evolving" by River City Extension

I’ve written a review here. You don’t have to read it if you don’t want, but this song just really blew me away, so I felt it necessary to write about it and if you do read it, thank you very, very much.

I have been listening to this song on repeat for about an hour and a half now- it’s the first time I’ve heard it since it’s one of Leah’s songs that she put on my iPod. And I just really, really desperately have to write up a review on it because it’s just… sending me spinning.

So River City Extension is an 8-piece band- as in vocals, bass, banjo, cello, violin. The whole nine yards. It’s classified as folk/indie/rock/blues. They have a very broad reach on genre.

I’ve already been a fan of a few of their songs (though only for a month now) and it’s a very, very different listen for me. I love indie and I love folk/rock, but the singer’s voice is so… raw, I guess? And this song started off kind of slowly and normally I’m a little picky with my slow songs.

But then on the third sentence, I completely stopped and just listened. This was the line: “I will see you in the morning with your words across my eyes.”

And from that sentence all the way through the entire song, the lyrics are incredible. “And since the day that I was born, I wanted to be aged and worn, hoping for callous and for burn, hoping there was something I could learn” and “But you make me wonder about fact. You make me wonder if I’ll take you back again- cause I am vulnerable but I am strong and I am wrong a lot.”

The wording in this song is poetically poignant- so really, the rawness sort of evolves into this kind of experienced voice and to me at least, is completely mandatory.

To top it off, that bit about the band being 8-piece? There’s a HUGE instrumental background to this song and it’s just… blowing me away.

I’ll probably be listening to this for most of the night now. So please try it out, if only for a moment. Thanks for reading this, guys. I know it was long.